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Merrimack Station

Merrimack Generation Station (“Merrimack Station”) is located along the Merrimack River in Bow, New Hampshire. Merrimack Station has two coal-fired steam units and two kerosene fueled combustion turbine units for a total of 482 MW (winter capacity). The two coal-fired units serve as seasonal and peak demand resources. The two combustion turbine units primarily serve peaking roles, operating during periods of extreme intermittent demand and when generation is needed quickly to maintain electrical system stability on the grid. Merrimack Station plays an important role in providing grid generation diversity, especially during critical winter months when natural gas becomes constrained in ISO-NE.


Environmental enhancements include supplemental electrostatic precipitators (“ESPs”), selective catalytic reduction systems (“SCRs”) and a common wet flue gas desulfurization system (“FGD Scrubber”) that was placed in service in September 2011, reducing the plant's SO2 emissions by more than 95% and its mercury emissions by more than 85%.

Station Details
  • Megawatt Capacity: 482

  • Location: Bow, New Hampshire

  • Site Area: 343 Acres

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