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Merrimack Station Landfill Compliance Data & Information
The landfill receives coal ash and related waste streams from Merrimack Station. 

The landfill is a single lined facility, roughly 5.5 acres in size with a capacity of approximately 300,000 cubic yards.  

The landfill also may receive coal ash from Schiller Station, located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on an emergency basis. 

  • Facility Name: Merrimack Station Coal Ash Landfill

  • Owner: Granite Shore Power, 431 River Road, Bow, New Hampshire 03304

  • Location: 67 Ryan Road, Bow, New Hampshire

  • Operator: Merrimack Station, 431 River Road, Bow, New Hampshire

  • NHDES Permit Number: DPHS-SW-85-012

  • NHDES Groundwater Release Detection Permit Number: GWP-198400065-B-006


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Compliance Documents
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