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Newington Station

Newington Generating Station ("Newington Station") is located on an approximately 69-acre site along the western bank of the Piscataqua River in Newington, New Hampshire. Newington Station is located a quarter mile northwest of Schiller Station The facility has a total output capacity of 400 MW and is comprised of one utility boiler, two auxiliary boilers and one emergency generator. Newington Station burns both oil and natural gas and is the largest single unit in the Granite Shore Power fleet. The unit has the capability to start up and shut down each day, providing flexible power generation to the grid during periods of load volatility. With its ability to start quickly and increase load rapidly, Newington Station can provide capacity, energy and reserve products to ISO-NE.
With onsite fuel storage, Newington Station provides resiliency to the grid on cold winter days when natural gas pipeline capacity becomes constrained in New England.
Environmental controls include the original electrostatic precipitator and a combined ash removal, storage and disposal system that was added in 2005. NOX controls include low NOX burners, and over-fire air system and a water injection system. SO2 emissions are managed through the fuel procurement process.

Station Details
  • Megawatt Capacity: 400

  • Location: Newington, New Hampshire

  • Site Area: ~70 Acres

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